Saturday, 21 August 2010

Dirty Duck Again!

Thank heaven it was a mild night. I was able to wear a mere shirt and black, thirty-year-old Levi denims! I bicycled down to the railway station and dumped the bike in the bushes; then took the train to Holywood, where I met big Pete. We proceeded on to the Dirty Duck ale-house.

This evening I had their sumptuous rump of lamb, accompanied by about five Tanqueray gin-and-tonics; not to forget a round of "Gaegerbums" or whatever they are called. We met two gorgeous blonde girls, one of whom worked with an estate agency and another who worked at the planning office in Ballymena. I'm infatuated!

I was given some sage advice re the fairer sex (there's hope for the old dog yet).

Home safely now for beauty sleep!


Irishlad said...

Ha Tim,just love those Dirty Duck posts.

Timothy Belmont said...

Fear not, I'll be back! :-)