Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dirty Duck's Lamb

The Dirty Duck Ale House was busy last night. It was a fine evening and many revellers were outside, though it was quite crowded inside, too.

It felt a bit like musical chairs, because we had to change seats about three times! We were seated on the ground floor, near the front window and, at about nine forty-five or so, the musical band arrived to set themselves up; so we were required to re-locate to the rear of the bar.

I had the most delicious rump of lamb, served with creamy champ potato and a tasty concoction of vegetables. Whilst it may have been one of the dearer items on the menu, at over £14, it was worth it in terms of flavour, leanness and succulence. Big Pete had the scampi, as usual.

After ten o'clock, a black-haired female member of staff came over to us with the bill and advised us that payment was required before the musicians started!

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Mad Mandy Moans said...

What did you guys do next Timothy? ...