Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sublime Yoghurt

I do have a sweet tooth. Ask my dentist, he ought to confirm that statement! Cognizant of this fact, dear reader, you shan't be surprised if I tell you that I have recently discovered Marks and Spencer's Greek Style Yoghurt with Honey. It is sublime, so smooth, creamy, thick and sweet with, well, honey. My favourite version, till now, has been sold by Sainsbury's which, by the way, I still like; though M&S is now the firm favourite.

Whilst in Belfast this morning, I popped into the Proper Pasty Company and bagged a Beef and Stilton pasty, which I've never tried yet. I'll have it tomorrow. Today I had battered scampi from Coffey's, purveyors of fine seafood! Their white van parks near us at a strategic point and I bought a quarter-pound for £2.30. I devoured it with oven chips, onion rings, tomato, asparagus tips and lashings of tartare sauce.

I'm getting withdrawal symptoms re swimming; so can't wait till the Sports Club reopens in two weeks' time for my evening "constitutional".

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