Friday, 6 August 2010

M&S Confectionery

I was at Belfast's historic Linen Hall Library briefly this morning, in order to undertake a little research on the second floor.

Thence I made a bee-line for Marks and Spencer's Donegall Place branch and took the escalator down to the food-hall in the basement. Since I presently have sufficient resources in the "larder", I merely bagged a tub of their new Greek-style yoghurt with honey, which I haven't tried yet.

I do favour their confectionery. M&S Fudge is utterly sublime; and that comes from one who has frequently consumed the Dowager's home-made fudge. I swear by their fruit pastilles, too. I've tried Needler's, Tesco's, Rowntree's and Sainsbury's; M&S are, to my mind, the best.

Now I have another range to add to the sweetie-list: M&S Mint Imperials. In my experience there seem to be two types, viz. the powdery type and the chewy type. I prefer the latter; and M&S Mint Imperials seem to have essence of mint as well as as chewiness.

Well done again, Marks and Spencer!

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Anonymous said...

Their chocolate covered popcorn and apple crisps were very popular in our house, don't think they're in stock any longer though...