Monday, 30 August 2010

Heard of Poundland?

I have to confess that I never knew it really existed; till the Daily Telegraph's Rosie Murray-West brought it to my attention: Poundland.

Here is her article.

Rosie offers readers some insider tips on how to bag a true bargain, particularly on proprietary brands. And indeed, Poundland has stores in Northern Ireland.


John Ferris said...

Mrs F has been known to go in now and then and indeed it is a great place to pick up things like Rennies for a lot less than supermarket prices (£1 for a big pack)

Timothy Belmont said...

Hope to darken their door today (presuming they are open)! :-)

Irishlad said...

Tim,try Pound world Royal Avenue for a similar shopping experience,lots of brand names for a £1.