Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ballymacormick Path

It has been another dreadfully wet day, as far as our weather is concerned. I have been helping other National Trust volunteers in re-constructing a footpath which runs from Groomsport to Ballymacormick Point in County Down.

Despite being reasonably well prepared, with waterproof over-trousers, anorak, cap etc the rain still managed to find its way into my boots and socks!

Nevertheless, we did make good progress with the path. We were with a working party which was staying at the Base Camp (former gamekeeper's cottage), Castle Ward. I told two of the girls that I'd love to have stayed over and joined them in a few drinks, though logistics (driving!) prevented this. If they ever offered to put me up, I may be unlikely to refuse, though.

We lunched in a damp mini-bus and I munched my ham-and-salad-cream sandwiches. Somebody had baked a fresh walnut and date cake, so I readily accepted a chunk thereof.

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