Monday, 27 September 2010

New Variety Store

I was at the gym this morning and see that there is a new store opening in east Belfast, at Connswater Retail Park, B&M Retail Limited, a variety store whose GHQ is in Liverpool.

It's opening at the former premises of Budget DIY. The shopfitters were fitting it out today, so I expect it shall be opening quite shortly.

Personally I'd never heard of it until now.


Anonymous said...

Have they a Royal Warrant? If not, I would steer well clear. I

Timothy Belmont said...

You mustn't frequent too many shops then!

Irishlad said...

They're all over the place my man..they took over most of the leases of the former "Au Natural"shops a couple of years back.

Rob said...

Very much of the Poundland/Home Bargains ilk.