Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hail Vintage Apparel!

I couldn't agree more with Prince Charles. Don't become a slave to Fashion. Buy apparel because you admire and like it for its style, cut and quality of cloth; even its origin.

Practically all of my favourite clothes are quite ancient! My dinner jacket was made ca 1934; Churches shoes made ca 1982; a 1983 Burberry trench-coat; a 1982 Oxford grey lounge suit... I could carry on ad nauseum.

Mind you, technology does progress and change: I do trust that HRH has a state-of-the-art television set!


Anonymous said...

Tim, I notice the EHOD days are coming up, you might want to mention it. There seems to be a very good selection in Co. Antrim this year - Galgorm Castle, Red Hall, Drumalis and Shane's Castle among others. Also, Ballywalter Park and Lorne House would be worth seeing in Co. Down. See -

Timothy Belmont said...

Golly gosh, Anon, I forgot all about the EHOD days!

I wonder if the A4 pamplets are still published with listings...