Friday, 10 September 2010

Chase's House Picture

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Here is a photograph of Chase's House at Campbell College ca 1975-6. It was taken in the Quadrangle outside the main College building. The young Timothy William, Viscount Sydenham, stands stoically in the second row at the extreme left. The house-master was one Major D Grant; while his deputy, Dr I Pollock, sits supportively beside him.

Other boys include Copeland, Love, Marshall, Spence, Rollins, Harrison. Atkinson. McKinlay, Forbes, Hermon, Holmes, Hepworth, Barr, Beverland, Horner, Buller, Ball, Forbes, Luney, Speers (Paul!), Smyth, Knight, Erskine, Douglas, Piggott (Jay, now Headmaster), Horner, Perrioli, Parker and Smyth.


Sandy said...

Wonder where they nicked the cups from?

Timothy Belmont said...

Doubtless hoarded away somewhere the sun didn't shine. :-)

belfast cabby said...

Did i ever mention my Aunt used to work in the dining hall at Cambell!

Unknown said...

Hi probably know there's a reunion planned for your CCB year in October. I have details if you want.

kind regards "Paki" L.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Paki,

I've sent Tim my deposit already. Looking forward to "seeing" everyone if I can stand up OK. :-)

Anonymous said...

is campbell a public(independent school), have always wondered as most schools in the north are regarded as grammar schools.

Timothy Belmont said...

Yes, it has always been considered to be a Public School (private).

I see that they describe it as a grammar school on their website, though. Perhaps this is a techicality.