Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Grease Paint!

Timothy Belmont went on a few little errands this morning. First stop was Homebase at Galwally, where I returned a can of Farrow and Ball paint in exchange for Dulux Invisible Green paint: [Georgian] Made popular by the landscape gardener Humphry Repton, who recommended it for fencing and railings so that they would blend better with the background vegetation They mixed it for me.

I inquired about something to remedy a tight faucet on my kitchen mixer tap, if that's the right word. The helpful chap suggested adjusting the little screw at the back of the unit. Well, I've tried it and think I require some of that plumber's silicon grease stuff - Black Swan or whatever they call it.

I have a feeling there's a plumber's merchant on the Newtownards Road, so I may well pop in this afternoon and see if they have a small tube of it.

The electrical retailer is collecting my faulty DVD HDD recorder on Thursday and, when they receive it, they'll send me a replacement. I received my fancy QED HDMI cable - which is purple! - in the post today.

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