Monday, 6 September 2010

New DVD Recorder

I have finally taken the plunge and purchased a new DVD video recorder to complement my Panasonic integrated Freesat HDTV. I "shopped around" on the Internet and found the best price I could for delivery to Northern Ireland (£245).

It's a Panasonic DMR-XS350 High Definition DVD Recorder with HDD (250GB), Twin HD Satellite Tuner, SD Memory Card Slot and USB Terminal.

Because the recorder is equipped with two HD digital tuners, two different TV programmes can be recorded simultaneously. There is no need to worry about missing out on recording a programme when two programmes overlap.

In DR mode, the DMR-XS350 can record digital broadcasts in Full-HD picture quality. These models are compatible with the VIERA CAST function, which allows you to access YouTube™, Picasa™, and other various contents. You can also check weather and stock information on other sites.

These DMR-XS350 is equipped with an SD Memory Card Slot and USB* terminals. You can immediately view motion images recorded with an High Definition (HD)/ Standard Definition (SD) camcorder in AVCHD/ MPEG2 format** and with the Lumix in AVCHD Lite and JPEG images.

Intelligent Auto Standby After watching and listening with the compatible recorders, the recorders automatically turn off when you return to the TV using the VIERA remote. VIERA TV Standby Power Save The recorders with Power Save function will turn on/off when TV is turned on/off.


Sandy said...

Tip - get the best cable you can to link to your TV, esp. if HD.
Spend around £25.

Timothy Belmont said...

I'll start searching online forthwith.

BTW - sent Tim M the deposit for Re-Union! :-)

Timothy Belmont said...


This seems good...

Andrew Lomax said...

I understood none of that jargon Tim :-)

I have a Panasonic DVD player which is wired to my Bush TV (1995). That's enough for me!

Timothy Belmont said...

It would be a small cable which transfers high def digital signals from the recorder to the telly. I think!

Theoretically, the quality of the materials used - like copper - should send a clearer, purer, truer signal.

fattakin said...

you REALLY do not need an expensive HDMI cable, get one for 5-10 in tesco and you will be fine.

The recorder might come with one

Timothy Belmont said...

I compromised between cheap and quality! Here's what I've ordered:-