Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bountiful Blackberries

I drove straight to Gibb's Island, a property of the National Trust beyond Killyleagh, County Down, today; my purpose being to collect some blackberries for a blackberry and apple crumble. It was fine and sunny. I walked up to the perimeter of the copse at the top of Gibb's and ambled round, picking a modest number of the berries; sufficient for me, though, and plenty for others, too. Nature is bountiful and the fruits of the forest are free for us all. Wild blackberries have such a wonderful flavour; and I've been eating them on every occasion that I've been out with the NT volunteers.

The Galloway cattle, numbering about four, were grazing contentedly while I passed.

Later I motored into the village of Killyleagh, where there was a lot of activity and a crowd. I'd encountered a village festival and, there was indeed a carnival atmosphere. The grounds of the Castle were open for the chocolate festival.

Ambling back to the car, I heard a voice: "Tim!", and I immediately turned round to see Craig, a fellow-blogger. This was a pleasant surprise. I think Craig must have spotted me as I passed the Picnic Deli.

All in all, another agreeable day out. I shall get out the frying-pan and enjoy an Ulster Fry this evening, having bought a tomato and large mushroom today.

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