Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Stig the Perfidious

The BBC has lost a legal fight to stop publication of a book which reveals the identity of Top Gear's driver, known as The Stig. The High Court in London refused to grant the BBC an injunction blocking the publication by HarperCollins of an autobiography that unmasks the character on the BBC Two show.

For what it's worth, they ought to sack him, get a replacement and tighten up their terms, conditions and legally-binding obligations.

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Andrew Lomax said...

Absolutely correct Tim, another sad case of earning a few quid at the expense of others. I side by the BBC on this one and share your sentiments about letting this one slip through the net.

Not being a big Top Gear viewer, the program will lack it's main feature, something everybody enjoyed and didn't want it, or him, any other way.