Friday, 10 September 2010

Bravo Ramore!

I ate in Ramore wine-bar at Portrush harbour this evening. By their standards it wasn't too busy; just the right ambiance and buzz for self, though. I was given Table 28 at the window, overlooking the Portrush lifeboat; and I had a copy of the Heritage Days brochure with me for perusal.

It didn't take me long to decide on the chilli fillet beef in pitta bread with coleslaw and French fried onions. This was a delicious meal: tender beef strips, chilli sauce, lettuce, mayonnaise; large onion rings and a home-made coleslaw. The latter two items were extra, by the way. I find FFO and slaw difficult to resist.

The tried and tested format of ordering at the bar, giving table number, settling the bill beforehand works very well and means that patrons can take their leave immediately after the meal. It works well.

I like this place. I could easily return tomorrow again, though I feel I ought to spread the old largesse elsewhere. Ha!

I squeezed the baby two-seater into a dubious slot at the harbour.

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