Monday, 4 October 2010

Corralejo: V

Guess where Timothy Belmont has been spending the day? All right, lazing on the beach, building up the old tan to sustain self over those dreadful winter months in Northern Ireland.

The good news today has been a remarkable performance by our two worthy Ulstermen, viz. Messrs McDowell and McIlroy, predominating an intrepid British team of golfers playing for Europe. I groan whenever I see them all flying those silly European flags. What ever did they fly for the Continent prior to the star-spangled blue duster?

Cordial congratulations to The Province's golfing duo.


Anonymous said...

Well said.
Must be one of the view things which unite Europeans. Is it all about a common enemy?
McDowell must be in with a good shout of being BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

In case you missed the News; Norman Wisdom died last night. Think he lived in the IoM. He was 95.

Rossetti's Wombat

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello RW

I was sorry to hear about Sir Norman's death though he did have a great innings, as they say.

What a character.

Anonymous said...

not all British my friend..

2 Italians
1 German
1 Spaniard
1 Swede
1 Irish Man