Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Royal Wedding Fever

Eager speculation, not to say excitement, continues regarding the matrimonial plans of Prince William. Even the Daily Telegraph mentions HRH and his girlfriend, Miss Kate Middleton.

One newspaper suggests that the royal dukedom of Cambridge could be conferred. I have already written about royal dukedoms and other possibilities include the dukedoms of Sussex or Clarence:-

"Other royal dukedoms include the Dukedom of Clarence, derived from the Honour of Clare in Suffolk; the Dukedoms of Cumberland and Albany; the Dukedom of Kendal; the Dukedom of Sussex; the Dukedom of Connaught; and the Dukedom of Cambridge.

Since the Dukedoms of Albany and Connaught no longer pertain to the Realm, they may be considered virtually extinct. The Dukedom of Windsor was created especially for HM King Edward VIII following his abdication; so, though technically vacant, it is unlikely that this title shall be revived.

The Dukedom of Cambridge was re-conferred as a marquesssate in the 20th century which has since become extinct; so it is possible that this royal dukedom could be revived one day.

The Duchy of Lancaster has been merged with the Crown; and the dukedoms of Cornwall and Rothesay are used by the Heir Apparent.

It has been proclaimed that, following the deaths of his parents, HRH The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex shall become The Duke of Edinburgh.

Whilst it cannot be discounted that a new royal dukedom could be created, the most likely dukedoms to be re-conferred in future are those of Sussex, Clarence or Cambridge. There has, indeed, been some speculation that, on the day of Prince William's marriage, such a title may be conferred".


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Kate Midleton a member of the aristocracy?

Timothy Belmont said...

To the best of my knowledge - though we're now living in a 'meritocrasy' - Kate Middleton seems firmly middle-class. I prefer not to speak in such terms myself.


Anonymous said...

Well, as long as they get on well enough - and she's reasonably sane - I don't suppose it really matters!

Anonymous said...

Let's recall the unsavoury and indeed rather lewd 'tapped' telephone conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla many years ago when he was still married to Diana.Perhaps being a member of the aristocracy /royalty is'nt the be all and end all.As long as they are happy who should care.

Judy said...

All that divides the 'classes' is money and privilege-certainly not protocol or respect.