Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Paper-Clip Alert

I was going through the security screening scanner at Fuerteventura Airport yesterday and the warning buzzer sounded. Now I had taken everything off, including belt, coins etc, so I simply couldn't fathom the cause of this.

The attendant checked me in a few seconds and waved me through.

On the flight I pondered what could have caused the machine to sound and now I know. The cause was a paper-clip which I used on my euros inside a money-belt type of thing!

One little paper-clip! There you have it.


Anonymous said...

Once when going through security at Frankfurt airport, the metal detector was set off by a packet of polo mints I had in my pocket! I think there is considerable variation in the sensitivity of these instruments, some of which is likely to be determined by the operators, and also influenced by other factors ( how long the queue is). I'm not sure if this makes me feel 100% confident in this screens. I guess Tim that you could use your paperclip as test for other scanners at different airports (if you were really bored!).

Timothy Belmont said...

And to think that I believed I'd glide through uneventfully. :-)

Irishlad said...

Tim you could make a dangerous weapon out of a paper clip.....if you were James Bond.