Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Corralejo: VI

There remains quite a surfing set on Fuerteventura. There is even a surfing hotel in the middle of El Cotillo, called the Marea Viva Hotel. I needed to use a loo several days ago, so I called with them and there was no problem. I asked the 'receptionist' - who looked more akin to a surfing youth - for the tariff and he quoted me €240 for one week's bed and breakfast at this time of year. That figure is for single occupancy. Judging by first impressions, it would appear to be a Bohemian type of place.

En route to El Cotillo, you pass through a village called Lajares, which also has a surfing community - or commune!

I ought to give surfing a try. I might actually enjoy it!


Shirley said...

Hi Tim - sounds as if you're having a good time out there! It's wet grey and miserable here - make the most of it!

Timothy Belmont said...

Presently seated on a wooden bench outside apartment tapping away merrily on keyboard. :-)

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