Tuesday, 19 October 2010

National Trust Pink

I was motoring into Belfast this morning and a deep pink National Trust bill-board advertisement caught my eye. Dark green (above) is the natural colour, indeed the most appropriate colour, for the National Trust.

The contemporary administration of the National Trust - and I deliberately include the definite article - would do well to remember their benefactors and those who choose to leave them legacies, bequests and estates.

The National Trust is expending a fortune on lining the pockets of public relations gurus who advise them that the colour pink will attract more visitors. They consider that they are seen as being old-fashioned. What of it?

The National Trust is wrong to change its image in this way. I reject any perceived change of ethos and will continue to support the Trust's traditional image.


belfast cabby said...

I cant see the image on your post tim.

That said although i would agree with you green is the natural colour, i suppose they would point out that it did catch you eye!

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! Indeed it did. They'd doubtless offer some platitude about being sorry I disapprove blah blah etc.