Sunday, 31 October 2010

In the Bush

Well I decided to dine at the Ramore Wine Bar yesterday evening. I squeezed the baby two-seater into a slot almost beside the establishment, walked up the steps and entered. The place was buzzing, as they say. Very busy indeed; in fact I was given a ticket and waited for about 20 minutes, till they showed me to Table 35.

I ordered the fillet of beef Wellington, French-fried onions and coleslaw. Service here is very efficient and prompt. The beef Wellington was like a cross between an open Danish pastry-vol-au-vent: A thin, oval, open, puff pastry with a thick mushroom sauce and the lean beef on top. I have to say that it was very tasty. They know what their customers like at the Ramore.

I received a large portion of good coleslaw, too much really: It came in a type of dish and must have been about as much as you'd buy in a plastic, see-through carton from supermarkets. I couldn't finish it, sadly; though, nosebag firmly affixed, I devoured the steak with its pastry and the onion rings.

I washed it down with sparkling water. Bill came to about £22.

I've had meals at the Ramore for almost thirty years. In the eighties the wine bar was at ground level and there were big, fat cushy sofas and seating. One popular signature dish was the Garlic Chicken en croute which I invariably ordered; and it was utterly sumptuous. Do any readers remember this dish?

Later that evening I drove into Bushmills for a spot of karaoke. The public bar was tiny, the sort of place where everybody knows each other, so doubtless they'll remember his lordship! I must have stuck out like a proverbial sore thumb, wearing Cordings Tattersall shirt, heavy Barbour, dark green jumper, dark blue cords and brown suede shoes!

Nevertheless I ordered an orange juice, walked bravely inside to the back parlour where they all were and sat down beside 'em all! It was all very friendly and I was well received.

Good Lord, the volume of drink consumed by a few 'regulars' astounded me, pints and 'shorts' together. My renditions of popular numbers by Messrs Joel, Richie, Denvir and Sir E John got me a free drink (orange juice), so I remained till after midnight.

There was one pretty girl opposite me with her boy-friend; and about three married ladies along the way, though one of the heavy-drinking men sat in between.

No matter, it was another experience and I'm alive to tell the tale!


Anonymous said...

Surely you didn't actually go to the Bush House, Tim?!


Timothy Belmont said...

And I live to tell the tale! Belmont simply couldn't miss an opportunity to sing and I'd never been before.

What do you know of it, W?

Anonymous said...

I just know to avoid it, Tim. Finn McCool's is even worse!


Timothy Belmont said...

There's a large For Sale notice above the door!