Monday, 11 October 2010

Corralejo: X

It rained this morning for the first time! Of course the sun came out afterwards, drying everything up. I'm presently enjoying a Tanqueray gin - does the Strangford Arms Hotel in County Down have this brand? - and may well begin packing my case tonight. The flight tomorrow evening is scheduled to depart at 20:25 hours.

I have heard on Sky News that Sir Philip Green has exposed the scandalous wastage occuring within the Civil Service regarding mobile phone contracts, flights etc. How astonishing, though unsurprising.

Sir Philip deserves a life peerage for this exposure, thereby saving the Taxpayer many millions of pounds; in contrast to fuzzy-bearded, socialist, little Hitlers who are swanned around in stately Rolls-Royces, thinking they are God-knows-who.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have had a relaxing break. I personally find totally laughable the idea of Philip Green advising the government on how to increase efficiency in the public sector. The guy is an asset-stripper, which is fine for business but not so clever if you happen to be running something which has deliver public good e.g. a hospital. Also, he is a well-documented tax avoider ( I assume your comment about him saving the tax payer money was meant ironically! He strikes me as akin to a character in a Waugh satire.

Timothy Belmont said...

Now there's an idea for Julian Fellowes... :-)