Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dressed for Dinner

Never let it be said that Timothy Belmont does not like to dress for the occasion. The old school's Class of '78 Re-Union bash takes place in County Down this evening and the revered 1933 dinner jacket, matching trousers, white piqué dress shirt, bow-tie, cummerbund and black Oxford calf leather shoes are all ready to see the light of day once again. The bow-tie is ancient, too. Only the shirt is relatively new.

All moths of discerning taste have flown off till its reappearance. Now that I think of it, this must be somewhat akin to the Chilean Thirty-three.

Note the detail in the old jacket, no longer standard issue nowadays lest one forks out a ruddy fortune. The non-cloth buttons, very wide, ribbed silk lapel; functional cuffs. In 1933 Bertie Wooster and Hercule Poirot must have worn something along these lines.


belfast cabby said...

Hope you have a good night, I am all to happy to avoid my school reunions!

Timothy Belmont said...

A few restorative snifters on the night ought to do the trick. :-)

Sandy said...

see you there. Are you going as Hercule Poirot?
I know an esteemed gentleman who always wears black corduroys with a dinner jacket. No-one has ever noticed (he assures me).

Timothy Belmont said...

Poirot? Afraid not, old boy. Don't possess the 'tache nor the pince nez. :-)

Well prepared for a snifter or three, though!

Anonymous said...

Can you not tie your own bow tie?!?

Timothy Belmont said...

I have a black bow-tie which can be tied. However, I prefer to use the one in the picture (which, by the way, is decades old) and is already tied, for convenience.