Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Dearer Petrol

Beware! The cost of fuel at the pumps to predicted to rise imminently, according to Peter Hutchison in the Daily Telegraph.

Oil prices have soared by $10 a barrel in the past month and the escalation in fuel duty at the beginning of October adding 1p a litre has already pushed prices to near record levels.

Now the blockade of oil refineries in France by protesters striking against government plans to increase the pensionable age is set to bring further misery to British motorists.

With fuel duty set to rise again by 0.76p on 1 January and the standard VAT rate to rise from 17.5% to 20% from 4 January the immediate outlook is bleak and expensive for motorists.

If record petrol prices are not reached before Christmas, motoring groups have said it is certain that the tax rises in the new year will ensure that it does then.


belfast cabby said...

Sound like i may have to start my weekly trips to the republic again if the price goes to high!

There diesel is about £1.08 compared to £1.21 in Belfast

zelah52 said...

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Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Zelah,

You could always drop me a line at