Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Norman Wisdom 1915-2010


I've received a timely reminder about a great comedy hero of my childhood who passed away peacefully, the entertainer Norman Wisdom.

Sir Norman was married twice and is survived by his son and daughter.

I relished watching his films as a boy in short trousers. I'm uncertain whether my parents enjoyed his childish sense of humour so much, in retrospect.

Sir Norman's obituary is published in the Daily Telegraph.


Anonymous said...

In my view, he appeared in one of the greatest ever TV shows. It was a 1960s edition of Sunday Night at the London Palladium.
For some reason, the normal cast of stars didn't appear and Norman ran the whole thing himself. He was brilliant and, after 60 minutes of non-stop slapstick, ended up totally shattered.
Wonderful TV. Nothing quite like it nowadays.

Rossetti's Wombat

Timothy Belmont said...

And he was a remarkably fit and able-bodied individual, too. so agile for his age.