Thursday, 7 October 2010

Corralejo: VIII

There has been an exceptionally high tide at Cotillo beach today. As it happened, I parked myself inland because my usual spot had been occupied; though this decision proved to be correct since many visitors had to remove themselves! The tide was so high that the little lagoon became filled swiftly and, for a while, the main beach itself succumbed to sea-water.

A few intrepid - or foolhardy - souls tried to remain in situ by digging trenches and acting like King Canute. This folly was futile, of course, because the sea-water enveloped them in a pincer movement. It was amusing to watch the spectacle from the side-lines.

I haven't really been imbibing at Torino's Bar this year. I drink enough back at base and must endeavour to restrict myself. The bottle of Tanqueray is fast becoming depleted! I initially purchased a large bottle of Canada Dry tonic-water - owing to no Schweppes - and it was utterly rotten, so much so that I poured it down the sink!

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