Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Annual Dinner

I was at Castle Ward last night for the annual staff Christmas Dinner. Richard very kindly collected me at four o'clock and we arrived at five. We shortly became aware that, due to a misunderstanding, the function did not begin until eight!

So Richard and I motored on into Strangford and installed ourselves at the Cuan lounge bar, where I indulged in a couple of snifters while Richard had orange juice.

The Dinner was held at the theatre in the stable-yard and I am told that there were sixty-two of us altogether. I spoke for awhile to Barbara, the Property Manager; then seated myself beside other familiar faces.

It was a most enjoyable occasion. The caterers were from the Spinnaker restaurant in Strangford, County Down.

I felt that the catering was very good indeed. My seafood cocktail was delicious, full of juicy prawns; followed by a lovely stuffed chicken fillet with carrot, Brussels sprout and mash; while my final choice for pudding was a commendable plum pudding with cream. On the strength of this dinner I'd recommend the Spinnaker.

Whilst there was a lively disco on the elevated stage - recall Castle Ward Opera? - his lordship was quite content to sit and chin-wag.

We took our leave at about eleven.

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Sandy said...

I also would highly recommend the Spinnaker. Anne, the owner, really enjoys her job, and it shows!