Monday, 13 December 2010

Obnoxious Comments

I have regrettably received some inappropriate comments on the Blog recently and, as a consequence of this, full Comment Moderation now applies for the time being.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your blog immensely. There is no need for inappropriate comments in an area reserved for gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

thats a shame-freedom of the internet eh? scrolling through your previous comments on posts I struggle to see which ones my Lord is referring to. I wouldnt worry about the negative commentators, it doesnt affect what is an enthralling and much loved blog. Keep up the good work!

Timothy Belmont said...

The negative comments occurred yesterday on Engagement Photographs.

Anonymous said...

I really did not wish to be obnoxious, and I apologise entirely if any offence was caused. That was certainly not my intention. Also I appreciate that you have not removed the comment you disapprove of.

I have followed your blog for about a year now and have found your posts very interesting. I have posted before and I have appreciated your replies. I hope you continue with your blog and I wish you well with it.

If it puts my comments and questions in perspective, both my partner and myself, and 3 of my friends have all lost our jobs in the last month. It's a common story in this country.

I'm not looking for sympathy, I only requested that you acknowledge the obvious questions that will come to the mind of most people in Britain today when they see such opulence in a time of such hardship for so many.

It was a genuine request for your opinion, and I am sorry this was taken to be a cheep dig at you.

I again apologise for any offence, and I will understand if you do want to have this comment included on your blog.


Timothy Belmont said...

D, the obnoxious comments weren't really relating to you!

I received two anon comments after you which used expletives.

Please don't be put off and I value my regular visitors.


Anonymous said...

ah typical snobbish behaviour - don't like what you hear so cover it up and/or ban it

Timothy Belmont said...


I shall not tolerate what I consider to be abusive or inappropriate comments on my blog. I received a comment earlier using a four-letter word twice.

You will appreciate that I have posted your comment.

Anonymous said...

If viewers don't like the content of what they are reading, they should move on. (It's the little box with an 'X', top right on your screen.