Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pipe Update II

My trusty plumber arrived this afternoon, cut the damaged, frozen pipe and I paid him £30 which, given the circumstances and pressure they are currently under, wasn't unreasonable.

I was so relieved and satisfied that I gave him a bottle of liquor with a Thank You Christmas card.

It still hasn't been lagged, which I consider essential; though he assured me that it would be done when the crisis ends.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully your problem has been sorted-You certainly have a very fair and honest plumber who charged such a small fee . Can you publish his name?
Happy Christmas to you and blessings for 2011

Timothy Belmont said...

Michael Geddis Plumbing & Heating
99 Demesne Road

02890 421401

"No job too small; free estimates"

belfast cabby said...

I will have to put him in my contacts list its hard to find a good plumber