Monday, 27 December 2010

The Three Candlesticks

I was in central Belfast this morning, my main purpose to collect some social stationery of the Post Quarto size. I am rather fond of Three Candlesticks writing paper and have been, ever since I received a letter from one of the Guinnesses at Leixlip Castle about thirty years ago. This paper is water-marked with - you guessed it - three candlesticks; and the envelopes are tissue-lined, too.

I dashed along Donegall Square North in a westerly direction towards the Linen Hall Library which, in the event, was closed for the holidays.

Thence a quick visit to Marks and Spencer's food hall, where Cook's Style Garlic Chicken en croute and a Millionaire's Shortbread pudding were procured for a dinner I'm giving tomorrow evening; and a bottle of Casa Leona Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. Has anyone tried this?

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