Sunday, 12 December 2010

Engagement Photographs

Two official photographs marking Prince William of Wales's engagement to Catherine Middleton have been released.

The portraits at St James's Palace - one casual, one formal - were taken by Mario Testino, whose previous subjects include Diana, Princess of Wales.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think all the decadence is a bit ostentatious in times like this? Is hereditary privilege really justifiable? With respect, I think it's well past time to call it a day.


Timothy Belmont said...

In a word, No.

Anonymous said...

I hardly think having a photograph taken amounts to decadence, even in the current economic climate!


Sandy said...

D, you may be on the wrong blog!

Anonymous said...

I think royalty is as relevant as ever - who could stomach the alternative? President Brown or Cameron anyone? William is marrying a girl from a very poor background, and is not in the least bit concerned with privilege himself. Anon. PS the Royal Family more than pay for themselves in respect of the tourists the bring to the country, not even to mention the good diplomatic work they do.

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, I couldn't agree more. They are a huge asset to this country.

I'd go even further - though I am biased - by adding that the Royal Yacht should be re-commissioned and also the Royal Flight ought to have another jet aircraft.

Anonymous said...

W - Neither of us know how much those pictures cost. We aren't privy to that kind of information about where our money goes. I suspect it was beyond the means of most people though.

Sandy- Maybe you're right. I have found a lot of the blog, especially the history, very interesting. A lot of history is interesting, but not worth continuing.

Anon- Any alternative that is more democratic would always get my vote (if you'll excuse the pun). Also, Kate is from a family of millionaires. Wikileaks suggest they (Prince Andrew anyway) aren't such great ambassadors as you say.

Timothy- What would be achieved with this further investment into the royal family? Would normal British people see the benefit? It's a serious question.

If I come across as obnoxious, or rude, I apologise, but I really think these are the thoughts of most people in Britain today. Nevertheless I will continue reading and enjoying the blog (and I promise to keep my republican sentiments to myself from now on...)


Anonymous said...

No harm in hearing a dissenting view. From what I understand, the Queen does a great deal of good work hosting dinners for visiting Heads of State, who I'm sure would much rather meet her than some vote-hungry politician. Prince Andrew, as with his father, may shoot himself in the foot from time to time, but I think they are all firmly committed to the national interest, and do some excellent work. I understand Kate's family are not destitute, but it seems whatever wealth they have has come from their own efforts, not inherited wealth or privilege - so perhaps they are good examples of what can be achieved in our meritocratic society? Anon.

Gavin Bamford said...

It is a pity that some responses are from readers that require the need to remain anonymous. gavin.