Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Cairndhu Saga: II

I have received an update from Thomas Norrell regarding Cairndhu House:-

Following on from my previous posted comment, I have this morning (Tuesday 15th December 2010) received a very nice (& rather promising) letter from the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society, inviting me to telephone and arrange to meet to discuss how Cairndhu could be restored (this will undoubtedly please his lordship no-end). I certainly didn't expect this very encouraging reply, although I have not at this stage heard from the Department of the Environment (Built Heritage). However, the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society stipulates in their letter they are 100% behind me in what I am doing. Great news!

Thomas Norrell.

Well done, Thomas. I am indeed pleased and do keep up the pressure on the authorities.


Anonymous said...

that is indeed encouraging. nice work

Anonymous said...

Are there there any further developements on the Cairndhu saga? It would be great to hear some more encouraging news regarding this once wonderful house and grounds.