Friday, 17 December 2010

Gift to the Bin Men

This is the wintry scene on the road this afternoon at Belmont, Belfast. It will be appreciated that his lordship's Household has graciously left some beer for the dustbin men. Lord Belmont's beneficence and largesse remain most bountiful.

In actual fact the beer has been brought inside for safe-keeping till the refuse collectors - who are, unsurprisingly, late - have arrived.

We have a table reserved this evening at the Bistro Iona in Holywood, County Down.


Anonymous said...

Very kind of you to bring the binmen out for a slap-up meal in Holywood!

Hope they don't all get to expect this. I give them one can of beer every two years in line with their bi-weekly appearance at my house in Ards.

Rossetti's Wombat

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha ha! Sadly they're not invited to dinner. :-)

Irishlad said...

Your generosity is only superceded by your good looks and charm. ;)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I didn't realise you could book a table in Iona. Last time I went there I joined the waiting punters sitting on the stairs until space appeared. That was quite a time ago. I must re-visit.
Sammy Mehaffey