Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Useful Gift

My aunt has given me a really useful terracotta garlic bowl for my birthday. She obviously observed that I whack my garlic bulbs into a cupboard! Not any more.

So, apart from my own extravagant birthday present of a Mercedes SLK, I am minded to venture into central Belfast for an hour to browse in the outdoor clothing shops! A new set of thermals, perhaps?


Unknown said...


no frozen pipes or icebergs here in Kildare, only a frozen government... My great great grand uncle Sir Edward Harland lived in Ormiston House, I note you have a family connection to that house too.

Iolanda nee Wann

p.s it is rather exciting identifying early morning animal foot prints in the snow.

Timothy Belmont said...


Afraid I've no connection to the Harlands, nor the Pirries. I've only written about it!

I was at school there, though; that's a connection of sorts.

A school pal of mine does have a connection and took the photos.

Unknown said...

What a marvellous gift for garlic storing. My special french pink garlic from the Bastille market hangs on a beam over my Aga to dry. I use it for almost everything. I would welcome one of those terracotta pots. I wonder where your aunt purchased it?

Timothy Belmont said...


what a lovely name.

She didn't tell me!

My cold water tap in the kitchen is still frozen solid :-(

Mind my asking whereabouts you live in co Kildare?