Friday, 10 December 2010


I'm afraid I have been preoccupied with other matters today, viz. hosting a dinner party at home this evening and ensuring that everything is in order, appropriately presented and Number One cutlery unearthed.

Janice came over last night and helped me - with my aunt - to prepare everything.

I saw the grotesque events in London last night, when TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall were attacked - or, at least, their car was hit - by an unruly mob of so-called student protesters.

I utterly condemn and deplore the attack and the ensuing damage done to Their Royal Highness' Rolls-Royce; I feel so annoyed that TRH had to endure such an ordeal; and I am relieved that no harm came to them, thank God.


belfast cabby said...

Any other country in the world the protesters would have been shot when they attacked a member of royalty the way they did!

Sharon Owens said...

I condemn any and all violence, Tim. Attacking a royal car is pointless anyway as it is not in the gift of the royal family to change government policy. I would be afraid to leave the house if this happened to me. The disruption in Belfast caused my daughter's friends to miss their shool bus home and frantic parents had to drive into the city to look for their children in the snow. A disgrace.

Sandy said...

Heads need to roll (not royal ones I hasten to add). What on earth were they doing in a totally unsecure and unmanoeverable 30 year old car anywhere near a riot?
It is suggested HRH over-ruled security and demanded to be driven to the RVP. If so he should have been politely ignored.