Saturday, 11 December 2010

Hazel Coppicing

I have spent a great day at Killynether Wood, near Newtownards in County Down, hazel coppicing.

Tools for the job included a chain-saw, loppers, large pruning saws and hack saws.

We worked on a steep slope in the middle of the woods. This traditional method of coppicing is progressing very well indeed since we began about three years ago.

We lit a roaring bonfire. There were seven of us today and, since Craig had forgotten to bring his sandwiches, some of us gave him a portion of our own.

We chatted about the Castle Ward annual staff dinner at the Theatre on Tuesday, 14th December. I must bring a bottle of wine with me, incidentally. I'll be getting a lift.


Jack Plane said...

Fascinating! I would expect to see a hazel coppice in England, but not Northern Ireland. Are there plans afoot to begin hurdle-making, or is the coppice purely for land management purposes? I'm sure a local thatcher would be glad of some of the hazel rods for making scallops and spars.

Timothy Belmont said...

Have you ever visited Killynether? It's a special place, still owned by the National Trust - though leased to the DoE.

The coppicing is presently for land-management and, you're right, I'm told that there are very few indeed in NI; except possibly at Glenarm Forest.

Torns said...

I'm looking for Hazel to make hurdles.Any pointers. I'm in Newcastle Co.Down

George Ruddell said...

Anyone looking for hazel coppice products please store my e mail address.
I'm planting hazel this year with the intention of establishing a good coppice area in Portadown. Little wood so far but you never know....