Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pipe Update

At least one of the pipes in the basement is burst; that I know because a droplet formed at it - frozen - and there is an obvious slit.

I have phoned the plumber who has yet to return my call, doubtless like many others.

In the interim I have applied electrical yellow tape to the hole.


Sandy said...

If there is any pressure in that pipe you will be flooded come the thaw. I suggest you get the fittings yourself and fix it now!
It's that or no water for a week unless you are at the front of the queue of similar sufferers.
Happy Christmas.

Timothy Belmont said...

Seems to have been resolved. Plumber removed damaged pipe and installed new one. Cold water tap in kitchen functioning.

Sandy said...

Splendid! It would have been disastrous not to have a drop Belfast's finest aqua to mix with the malt.