Saturday, 26 January 2013

Brackenber Relics

I recall my school-days at Brackenber House as happy ones. The trophy above was for the Senior Hurdles. It was presented by J H Martin in 1968.

I won the hurdles in 1973 and 1974. The very last name engraved on it is J S Hollywood, in 1984.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Above are three small medallions which I won for the hurdles, long jump and 100 yards, in 1973.

Finally, this little white, gold, enamelled buttonhole badge denoted my House, which was Hawks.

Incidentally, I won the Victor Ludorum too, about 1973.

Brackenber House School was located at 6-10 Cleaver Avenue, Belfast. First published in December, 2011.


Anonymous said...

I thought I recalled the House badges having different colours - Blue for Hawks, Red for ...Lions? I have forgotten the other colours for the other two (Tigers, Eagles). Is your badge a special one to denote higher status? I remember there was also a P for prefects.
Very much enjoying your recollections, I am amazed that your still have all this stuff. One tiny snippet of an interesting and factual nature - I remember that Leo McKinstry's mother converted one of Leo's old BHS blazers into a pretty good replica of a Napoleonic war British Guards tunic - I was deeply impressed at the time! Maybe that is where he got his interest in war from?

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello J,

perhaps there were several series of badges! I am unsure.

I'm really glad that you find all this stuff of interest. I have just scanned some more photos and cannot get them transferred to my documents from my email!


Anonymous said...

When I was at Brackenber in the late 50s the morbid highlights were the collapse or death on stage of the gentleman presenting the school prizes and the disappearance/death of a teacher named Mr Ferguson I think.