Thursday, 17 January 2013

Vulpine Raucosity

I was disturbed at four-thirty this morning by the screeching and howling of something akin to a banshee.

The disturbance occurred, I estimate, within twenty or thirty yards of Belmont GHQ.

It could only have been a male fox, emitting a series of short, high-pitched screeches; followed by a kind of loud clucking.

LORD COURTOWN has apprised me of his new blog, News From The Red Carpet.

Patrick, 9th Earl of Courtown, is a representative hereditary peer in the upper house.

He complimented me about my article some time ago on his ancestral home, Courtown House, County Wexford.

The Earls of Courtown owned 14,426 acres there in Victorian times.


Anonymous said...

More likely a vixen, as with most species the females are the shrieky ones

Timothy Belmont said...

What a din. This is now a regular occurence; perhaps it was communicating at a distance with other foxes.