Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Which Game?

Timothy Belmont donned the robust British Warm overcoat with all the other winter paraphernalia, and ventured into Northern Ireland's capital city this morning.

I strode in to the venerable Linenhall Library, where I installed myself opposite a pretty, petite girl who, as it happened, smiled at me when I left.

I researched the Musgrave Baronets of Tourin and the Smyths of Ballynegall.

Afterwards, I made a bee-line for Marks & Spencer, where a few choice groceries were obtained.

Can any readers name the little game bird on the image above. I'm having it for dinner this evening.

FORDE, Northern Ireland justice minister! The royal coat-of-arms, attached at a considerable height (where binoculars are required) to Belfast crown court, Oxford Street, is noticeably faded.

Ignorance or negligence?


Anonymous said...

Partridge? VC

Timothy Belmont said...

Well done, VC.