Saturday, 5 January 2013


Can any readers recall my moaning about how uninspiring I find breakfast cereals? And my lamentation re the fact that honey and nut bran flakes are no longer widely available?

Well, two granola cereals have been procured today for the Belmont seal of approval, don't you know.

Honey Granola by Dorset Cereals Limited, which costs £3.99 for 19½ oz (550 g) will be on the table for the trusty gnashers. Dorset trumpets their cereal "gently baked with pecans & almonds".

Next shall be Tesco's Finest Nut Granola, at £2.69 for 17½ oz (500g); which claims to have ten various kinds of nuts and seeds.

I encountered a lovely young lady at the cereal aisle, whom I consulted; and it transpired that she had tasted both.

She advised me to buy both the Dorset and Tesco varieties; though she bagged Quaker Oat Granola because it has less fat; whereas I tend to focus on the fibre content.

Tesco are selling masses of large Samsung televisions. I notice that they now proudly display a conspicuous royal warrant on the packaging:

"Samsung UK proudly announces that it has been awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen as supplier of televisions and audio-visual equipment.

Samsung was awarded the Queen’s Royal Warrant in 2012 - the first time that a manufacturer of televisions and audio-visual equipment has received the honour.

In 2006, Samsung Electronics became the first official provider of TVs to the British Royal Family, also offering them a dedicated support service.

Since then, Samsung UK has provided more than 100 premium TV and AV products to the Royal residences.

Samsung is delighted to have achieved the right to display the Queen’s coat of arms and continues to strive for the highest standards of quality and service."


Historic House Crawler said...

Try unsweetened muesli - Alpen do a version - with chopped banana and Greek yogurt. Healthy and there is also the benefit of supporting the beleaguered Greek economy. I see that you started this blog back in 2007; if you have lived that long I take it that you do not indulge in 'Ulster Fries'...

Timothy Belmont said...

My usual breakfast at home is tea and wholemeal toast with butter and home-made marmalade, honey or bacon.

Alas, I still indulge in the splendid Ulster Fry occasionally!