Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kettyle Bacon

I have almost finished the packet of Kettyle Fermanagh streaky bacon. There is one rasher remaining.
I don't know if readers can recall that I mentioned this local brand some weeks ago, and I was full of praise about the quality and flavour of their back bacon.
So the grill was turned on this morning; the butter was placed at the bottom for a while; the bacon was brought out of the fridge; the Nutty Krust high fibre bread was trimmed in readiness for toasting; and a few rashers were placed under the grill.

Now I realize why I never received any acknowledgement, let alone a reply, from Kettlye: Their streaky variety does not crispen. Not at all; unless it is burned to the colour of charcoal.

Believe me. I have tried. It was even cooked in the microwave oven, though still did not crispen. It's simply not that kind of bacon.

Abundant fat emanates from the rashers as they cook; though they remain ~ well, soft in texture.

However ~ and I cannot overemphasize this point ~ the flavour of the finished product is quite supreme; indeed possibly amongst the best streaky rashers I have ever tasted.

In this instance, the fat seems good and enhances the full, rich flavour of the County Fermanagh bacon.

I have to admit to preferring streaky bacon very crispy; that's my personal preference.

Hence, in future, I shall revert to good quality "thin & crispy" streaky bacon.

I'd have no hesitation in buying the Kettyle back bacon, which is of the same high standard as their other products.

I am eager to try other Kettyle products, given the high standards of their bacon.

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