Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Hawthorne Restaurant

I am delighted to learn that The Hawthorne Restaurant, although associated with the Fulton's Furnishings business for two decades, shall continue to trade, as usual, at Fulton's premises on Boucher Road, Belfast.

The owner of the Hawthorne writes:-

"The Hawthorne Restaurant is ... an independent business which will continue to trade in spite of the recklessness of the bank and its agents who plan to close the renowned and long-standing Fulton family furnishing business, which has been established for over 40 years."

Sylvia will continue to provide "the best in cuisine and friendly service to our very loyal customers".


Anonymous said...

Is the restaurant open for. Business. Elsewhere? If so where?

Timothy Belmont said...


That is a qustion I've been wondering about myself recently.

I'll be in that area at the beginning of April.

I do miss the Hawthorne.

I'd like their recipe for savoury mince and onion tart!