Friday, 18 January 2013

TV Highlights

Freddy Fox was wailing to his heart's content outside Belmont GHQ forty-five minutes earlier this morning, at three forty-five.

The thing is, dear readers, I am quite a light sleeper.

Our vulpine pal must sense this and make return calls.

I HAVE been viewing the brand new Father Brown series on BBC One this week. So far, I am enjoying it hugely. I'm recording the series, and watch individual episodes later.

At Campbell, the then College Chaplain, the Reverend David Erskine, used to sit atop an ancient wooden chair and read us G K Chesterton's Father Brown novels at the end of term.

BBC Four's Lost Kingdoms of South America, presented by the very enthusiastic Dr Jago Cooper, is also a great series.

DO ANY readers find it tiresome that the BBC has this ridiculous policy, doubtless supported by legislation, at some European Union directive, that metric values are used throughout their broadcasts?

Summit heights in metres; distances in kilometres. One gets "the drift". This must be condemned; especially since distances on our roads are measured, still, in miles and inches.

Alas, Timothy Belmont must ~ in a cognitive sense ~ convert kilometres into the best of British miles!


Sandy said...

I'd forgotten about "the Rev." reading Father Brown at the end of term, fond memories of a lovely man!

Timothy Belmont said...

Ahh, fond memories. He was a very decent soul.

William said...

With us it was Sherlock Holmes - each and every period - on the basis that Conan Doyle was more instructive to young minds than the Bible - Then Wilson was installed as the new headmaster and the Reverend soon left.

Sandy said...

Presumably he realised The Remove were incapable of reading for themselves!
Just been checking your blog. Not terribly impressive.....