Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekend Break

Dear readers, Timothy Belmont has been somewhat incommunicado ~ lying doggo ~ for a few days, at a well-known hotel in central Belfast with friends.

Fool, Belmont! I was slightly inebriated on Saturday evening and, as a consequence, paid for it by suffering a sore head the next morning.

We remained in the hotel for most of the weekend, apart from venturing out to procure some essential provisions.

Lady A has a brand new ipad 4, which impressed me greatly. My little Dell Mini 9 seemed a bit dated in comparison.


Anonymous said...

In your absence, I can report that the Belmont area was affected by Siberian blasts and Arctic temperatures, rendering pedestrianism far from pleasant. Nevertheless the hardy citizens bore it with their customary good cheer.

Anonymous said...

What would be your Lordship's recommendation for a great weekend deal in a central Belfast?

Timothy Belmont said...

The Earl of Belmont is graciously pleased that his loyal and faithful followers and others within the exempt jurisdiction of Ballymisert are well. Greetings! ;-)

Anon, the city of Belfast has, I believe, some excellent accommodation and even bargains, depending on one's budget and requirements!

Anonymous said...

Try the new fangled Microsoft surface Tim, I haven't turned on my iPad since I got one