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Batt of Purdysburn

This family, originally from Cornwall, was founded in Ireland by SAMUEL BATT, of New Ross, a merchant, who acquired considerable property in County Wexford.

Mr Batt died intestate, leaving by Alice, his wife, who took out administration to him in 1702, a son,

SAMUEL BATT, of New Ross, merchant, who wedded Deborah ______, and had issue,
THOMAS, of whom hereafter;
Narcissus (Rev), dsp;
Samuel, of Rathneddin;
Joseph, of Grange;
Benjamin, of New Ross.
Mr Batt, whose will was proved in 1716, was succeeded by his eldest son,

THOMAS BATT (-1741), of Ozier Hill, County Wexford, who married, in 1713, Jane, daughter of Thomas Devereux, and was father of

SAMUEL BATT (1734-65), father of Major Thomas Batt, who was killed in the American war, when the property devolved upon his youngest brother,

ROBERT BATT (1728-83), of Ozier Hill, Captain, 18th Regiment, who wedded, in 1765,  Hannah, daughter of Samuel Hyde, and had issue,
NARCISSUS, his heir;
Thomas, of Rathmullan.
The eldest son,

NARCISSUS BATT (1767-1840), of Purdysburn, County Down, and Ozier Hill, espoused, in 1793, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Greg, and had issue,
ROBERT, his heir;
Elizabeth; Mary.
Mr Batt was a founder of the Belfast Bank and lived at Donegall Square North, in Donegall House, later the Royal Hotel.

Purdysburn House

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

ROBERT BATT JP DL (1795-1864), of Purdysburn and Ozier Hill, who married, in 1841, Charlotte, daughter of Samuel Wood, and had issue,
four daughters.
Mr Batt was succeeded by his son,

ROBERT NARCISSUS BATT JP DL (1844-91), of Purdysburn, who wedded, in 1866, Marion Emily, eldest daughter of Sir Edward Samuel Walker, of Berry Hill, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and had issue, a daughter,

EVELYN MAY BATT, born in 1867.


THOMAS BATT, of Rathmullan, County Donegal, married firstly, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Waddell, of Island Deny, County Down, and had issue,
THOMAS, of whom presently;
Elizabeth, m Caesar George Otway.
He married secondly, Sarah, daughter of Samuel Lyle, of The Oaks.

Mr Batt died in 1857, and was succeeded by his only son,

THOMAS BATT JP DL (1816-97), of Rathmullan, High Sheriff of County Donegal, 1844, who married, in 1852, Charlotte, daughter of the Ven. Edmond Hesketh Dalrymple Knox, Archdeacon of Killaloe, and had issue,
THOMAS EDMOND, of whom we treat;
Alfred Acheson, b 1856;
Edmond Hesketh (1857-82);
Arthur Robert (1859-91);
CHARLES LYONS, jointly of Rathmullan;
Gerard Otway, b 1862;
Robert Devereux, b 1863;
Octavius, b 1865;
Frederick Shelley (1869-76);
Agnes Charlotte, m 1877, Archibald H Duthie (dsp 1883);
ALICE ELIZABETH, jointly of Rathmullan;
MABEL MACKENZIE, jointly of Rathmullan.
The eldest son,

THOMAS EDMOND BATT JP (1854-1908), of Rathmullan House, Lieutenant-Colonel and Honorary Colonel commanding Donegal Artillery, was succeeded jointly by his brother and sisters, Charles, Alice, and Mabel, as above mentioned.

I have written about the Batt Estate here.

First published in April, 2012.

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