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House of MacDonnell

JOHN MacDONALD, also called John Mor, 3rd of Dunnyveg, styled in 1472 "heir apparent to his father", was in treaty with EDWARD IV.

He married Sabina, daughter of Phelim O'Neill, surnamed Bacach, or the Lame, by whom he had a son,

SIR JOHN MacDONALD, 4th of Dunnyveg, surnamed Cathanach, from being fostered by the O'Cahans in Ulster.

In 1493 he was at the head of the clan Iain Mhòr, when the Lordship of the Isles was finally forfeited.

He married Cecelia, daughter of Robert Savage, Lord of the Ards, and had issue,
ALEXANDER, of whom hereafter;
John Mor, executed 1499;
John Og, executed 1499;
Donald Balloch, executed 1499;
Angus Ileach, fled to Ireland;
Sir John was killed in 1499. His eldest surviving son,

ALEXANDER (c1480-1538), 5th of Dunnyveg, fled to Ireland with his surviving brother, Angus, after the execution of their father and brothers.

In 1517 he supported Sir Donald MacDonald, of Lochalsh, who was in rebellion against the government, and in 1529 he was again in rebellion, and ravaged the lands of the Campbells with fire and sword, but obtained a pardon for himself and his followers in 1531, and a grant of lands in the South Isles and Kintyre.

The next year he was sent with 8,000 men to assist the Scots of Ulster, then at war with England.

He married Catherine, daughter of John MacDonald, of Ardnamurchan, and had, with three daughters (Alice married Sir Moses Hill),
Donald, born blind;
SORLEY BOY, of whom hereafter;
Brian Carrach;
Maeve; Mary; Alice.
The fifth son,

SORLEY BOY MacDONNELL (c1505-90), was appointed by his eldest brother Lord of the Route, County Antrim, in 1558.

On his brother's death, he seized on the Ulster estates of his family, and after various conflicts with the native Irish and the English forces, he became a faithful subject of ELIZABETH I, and being of Scottish birth was made a free denizen of Ireland in 1573.

Sorley Boy wedded Mary, daughter of Conn O'Neill, 1st Earl of Tyrone, and had, among other issue,
Alaster, killed in battle, 1585;
Sorley Boy died at Dunanynie Castle, near Ballycastle, County Antrim, and was succeeded by his third son,

SIR JAMES MacDONNELL, who died unexpectedly at Dunluce on Easter Monday, 13th April, 1601, and was succeeded by his younger brother,

SIR RANDAL MacSORLEY MacDONNELL KBof Dunluce, County Antrim, having zealously promoted the English interest in Ireland in the reigns of ELIZABETH I and JAMES I, was created by the latter, in 1618, Viscount Dunluce.

His lordship was advanced to the dignity of an earldom, in 1620, as EARL OF ANTRIM.

He was also sworn of the Privy Council and appointed to the command of a regiment.

His lordship married Alice, daughter of Hugh O'Neill, and sister of Hugh, the last Earl of Tyrone, and had issue,
RANDAL, his successor;
Alexander, 3rd Earl;
Anne; Mary; Sarah; Catherine; Rose; Alice.
He died in 1636, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

RANDAL, 2nd Earl (1609-83), who, for the many essential services he had rendered to the Crown, was advanced to the dignity of a marquessate, in 1644, as MARQUESS OF ANTRIM.

His lordship wedded firstly, in 1635, the Lady Katherine Manners, daughter and heir of Francis, 6th Earl of Rutland, and widow of George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham.

He espoused secondly, Rose, daughter of Sir Henry O'Neill, Knight, of Shane's Castle, County Antrim, but had no issue.

When his lordship died in 1683 the marquessate expired, but the other honours devolved upon his brother,

ALEXANDER, 3rd Earl (1615-99), who, actively espousing JAMES II in Ireland, in the war of the Revolution, was attainted of high treason; but, being subsequently included in the treaty of Limerick, his lands and honours were restored.

His lordship espoused firstly, the Lady Elizabeth Annesley, second daughter of Arthur, 1st Earl of Anglesey, by whom, who died in 1669, he had no issue.

He married secondly, Helena, third daughter of Sir John Burke, Knight, of Derrymaclachtney, County Galway, and had issue,
RANDAL, his successor;
His lordship was succeeded by his only son,

RANDAL, 4th Earl (1680-1721), who wedded Rachael, eldest daughter of Clotworthy, Viscount Massereene, and was father of

ALEXANDER, 5th Earl (1713-55), who, being in minority at his father's decease, was left under the guardianship of the Dowager Lady Massereene and Lord Massereene, who brought him up in the reformed religion (his predecessors had previously adhered to the church of Rome).

His lordship espoused firstly, Elizabeth, daughter of Matthew Pennefather, Comptroller and Accountant-general of Ireland, but by her had no surviving issue.

He married secondly, in 1739, Anne, eldest daughter and heir of Charles Patrick Plunket MP, of Dillonstown, County Louth, by whom he had one son and two daughters.

He wedded thirdly, Catherine, youngest daughter of Thomas Meredyth, of Newtown, County Meath, without issue.

He died in 1755, and was succeeded by his son,

RANDAL WILLIAM, 6th Earl (1749-91), who espoused firstly, in 1774, Letitia, eldest daughter of Harvey, 1st Viscount Mountmorres, and widow of the Hon Arthur Trevor, only son of Arthur, Viscount Dungannon, and had issue,
ANNE CATHERINE, his successor;
CHARLOTTE, late Countess.
The 6th Earl, having no male issue, obtained a new patent, dated 1785, creating him Viscount Dunluce and EARL OF ANTRIM, with remainder to his daughters primogeniturely.

His lordship was advanced to a marquessate, in 1789, as MARQUESS OF ANTRIM (2nd creation), but without any special reversionary grant.

When he died in 1791, all the honours ceased, except the patent of 1785, which devolved, according to the special limitation, upon his elder daughter,

 (1775-1834), as COUNTESS OF ANTRIM in her own right.

Her ladyship married firstly, in 1799, Sir Henry Vane-Tempest Bt, of Wynyard, County Durham, and by him had an only daughter, THE LADY FRANCES ANNE EMILY VANE, who inherited her father's great estates, and wedded Charles William, Marquess of Londonderry.

Lady Antrim wedded secondly, in 1817, Edmund Phelps, who assumed the surname of MacDonnell.

Her ladyship was succeeded by her sister,

CHARLOTTE KERR, as COUNTESS OF ANTRIM; who espoused, in 1799, Vice-Admiral Lord Mark Robert Kerr, third son of William, 5th Marquess of Lothian, and had surviving issue,
HUGH SEYMOUR, her successor;
MARK, 10th Earl;
Arthur Schomberg;
Georgiana Emily Jane; Caroline Mary; Charlotte Elizabeth; Fanny.
Her ladyship was succeeded by her eldest son,

HUGH SEYMOUR, 9th Earl (1812-55), who married, in 1836, the Lady Laura Cecilia Parker, daughter of Thomas, 5th Earl of Macclesfield, and had issue, and only child, HELEN LAURA.

His lordship died without male issue, when the family honours devolved upon his brother,

MARK, 10th Earl (1814-69), DL, Captain RN, who wedded, in 1849, Jane Emma Hannah, daughter of Major Turner Macan, and had issue,
WILLIAM RANDAL, his successor;
Mark Henry Horace;
Hugh Seymour;
Schomberg Kerr;
Caroline Elizabeth; Mabel Harriet; Evelyn; Jane Grey; Helena.
His lordship was succeeded by his eldest son,

WILLIAM RANDAL, 11th Earl (1851-1918), DL, who espoused, in 1875, the Lady Louisa Jane Grey, daughter of Lieutenant-General the Hon Charles Grey, and had issue,
RANDAL MARK KERR, his successor;
Sybil Mary.
His lordship was succeeded by his eldest son,

RANDAL MARK KERR, 12th Earl (1878-1932), DL, who married, in 1904, Margaret Isabel, daughter of the Rt Hon John Gilbert Talbot, and had issue,
RANDAL JOHN SOMERLED, his successor;
James Angus Grey;
Rose Gwendolen Louisa; Jean Meriel.
His lordship was succeeded by his eldest son,

RANDAL JOHN SOMERLED, 12th Earl (1911-77), JP, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of County Antrim, 1955, Captain RNVR, who wedded, in 1934, Angela Christina, daughter of Sir Tatton Benvenuto Sykes Bt, and had issue,
Hector John;
unnamed son who died in infancy, 1936;
Christina Alice.
His lordship, Chairman, the National Trust, 1965, Chairman, Ulster Television, was succeeded by his eldest son,

ALEXANDER RANDAL MARK, 13th Earl (1935-), who married firstly, in 1963, Sarah Elizabeth Jane, daughter of St John Bernard Vyvyan Harmsworth, and has issue,
RANDAL ALEXANDER ST JOHN, styled Viscount Dunluce;
Flora Mary; Alice Angela Jane.
He wedded secondly, in 1977, Elizabeth Hannah, daughter of Michael Moses Sacher, and had further issue,
Rachel Frances.
Antrim arms courtesy of European Heraldry. First published in March, 2012.


Ollamh Síol Muireadhaigh said...

I left probably a pretty confused post on one of your article when I first started looking into these things. At the time I was confused as my ancestor who lived in the same time as Charles Henry Earl O'Neill was also named Charles Henry O'Neill. Anyway now I've got it pretty much all sorted out. For example we descend from Ailis and the Earl of Antrim through Rose, sister of Sir Neil O'Neill, wife of Con Modera O'Neill, whose son Charles Dubh O'Neill's wife was great-granddaughter of Eoghan Ruadh O'Neill.

I do have one query for you. My 5th great grandfather was Bernard O'Neill, son of Harry na Parca, "gentleman, of Hill-head", son of Brian son of Conn, who is listed in the 1669 Hearth Rolls at Ballygrooby and Drummaul in Antrim.

Have you any idea which line of O'Neills this Conn was spring from ? I found a family tree going down to my grandfather's grandmother produced by Sir Bernard Burke which also details Lord O'Neill's side, it is very detailed, and I can't see any where this Conn would fit in, although this place is right on the edge of Shane's Castle Park, on the Antrim town side if my memory serves me correctly. I would suspect by his proximity him to be a near relative to the Marchioness, but none of her relatives fit.

Any ideas who this Conn O'Neill listed in the 1669 Hearth Rolls was or who these O'Neills of Ballygrooby and Drummaul were ?

Ollamh Síol Muireadhaigh said...

PS in case you are interested/have knowledge, here is where I get the knowledge of Bernard O'Neill,
the father of Mary, this her brother's obit. who was the wife of Felix Cunnimgham O'Neill, they are buried at Cargin Sacred Heart R.C. Cheptel, not far from their residence at Drumderg House, formerly owned by the Morres-Jones family, on Moneynick Road, and within site of Felix's father's house at Carlane.


Ollamh Síol Muireadhaigh said...

Second half of obituary :


Andrew said...

Lord B is it me or has the earl numbering gone awry?..... Love the post even so. You are a fount of knowledge. Andrew

Timothy Belmont said...

Andrew, believe me, it has confused me too! If you read Debrett's and a few other authorities, what you refer to shall differ. My conclusion has been that the family includes female earldoms in their own right; whereas the peerage does not. With respect to the family and Glenarm Castle I have used their numerical order. Tim.

Timothy Belmont said...

Andrew, I forgot to mention two marquessates as well. Two countesses in their own right and two marquesses confuse the numerical order.

Andrew said...

What you don't know isn't worth knowing.