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The Napier Baronets

This family claims descent from a branch of the family of Sir Robert Napier Bt, of Luton Hoo (cr 1611), which established itself in Ireland about 1700 and from which the first Baronet, Sir Joseph Napier, of Merrion Square, descended.

WILLIAM NAPIER, of St Andrew's, Ballyhalbert, County Down, a respectable and prosperous brewer in Belfast during the early years of the 19th century, carried out his business at Bank Lane in the town.

Napier & Co
, of Bank Lane, were whisky blenders and tea importers in 1801.

Mr Napier married, in 1798, Rosetta MacNaghten, a member of a respectable family of that name who lived at Ballyreagh House, County Antrim, and had issue,
William, dsp 1864;
JOSEPH, his heir;
Rosetta; Mary.
He died in 1830, and was succeeded by his younger son,

JOSEPH NAPIER (1804-82), of 4, Merrion Square, Dublin, MP for Dublin University, 1848-58, LORD CHANCELLOR OF IRELAND, who wedded, in 1831, Charity (Cherry), daughter of John Grace, and had issue,
William John, died unmarried;
JOSEPH, of whom we treat;
Grace Anne Marie Louise; Rosetta; Cherry.
Mr Napier was created a baronet in 1867, designated of Merrion Square, Dublin.

He was succeeded by his younger son,

SIR JOSEPH NAPIER, 2nd Baronet (1841-84), who espoused, in 1864, Maria Octavia, daughter of Joseph Mortimer, and had issue,
WILLIAM LENNOX, his successor;
Joseph Duncan Mortimer.
Sir Joseph was succeeded by his elder son,

SIR WILLIAM LENNOX NAPIER, 3rd Baronet (1867-1915), Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Welch Fusiliers, who married, in 1890, Mabel Edith Geraldine, daughter of the Rev Charles Thornton Forster, and had issue,
Charles MacNaghten (Major);
Vivian John Lennox (Brigadier);
Marjorie Lennox; Gwendoline Mabel Shelagh.
Sir William was killed in action during the 1st World War, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR JOSEPH WILLIAM LENNOX NAPIER, 4th Baronet (1895-1986), OBE, Lieutenant-Colonel, HQ Staff, who wedded, in 1931, Isabelle Muriel, daughter of Major Henry Surtees, and had issue,
ROBERT SURTEES, his successor;
John Lennox.
Sir Joseph was succeeded by his elder son,

SIR ROBERT SURTEES NAPIER, 5th Baronet (1932-94), who espoused, in 1971, Jennifer Beryl, daughter of H Warwick Daw, and had issue, an only child,

SIR CHARLES JOSEPH NAPIER, 6th Baronet, born in 1973.

First published in September, 2014.


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Interesting Luton Hoo connection with the Duchess of Abercorn whose family lived there later.

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He's in good company having Faire Sans Dire as his motto too.
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