Monday, 29 December 2008

Confusion About Sir John's Title

This petty piece of pedantry interests me, since I am a bit of an "anorak", as they say, when it comes to protocol and our hereditary peerage.

I am referring to the Right Honourable Sir John MacDermott, a former Lord Justice of Appeal. Sir John's father, Lord MacDermott, was the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland; and went on to become a Law Lord and life peer, as is customary.

For some reason, perhaps because his late father was called Lord MacDermott, Sir John is often referred to as "Lord MacDermott" by many individuals and organizations locally.

I have checked with the House of Lords on their website and they have nobody by the name of MacDermott.

Sir John is doubtless resigned to this titular elevation and accepts it without any fuss. He is a Knight Bachelor; not a life peer. I thought I'd put the record straight.

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Wondering said...

Thanks for straightening that out. It does help to know what one should call people. I'll be glad do call him Sir John next time I see him!