Wednesday, 10 July 2019

TA Series

I have come across a fascinating pamphlet in the attic at home.

My late father, Major Thomas Ferres TD, was Officer Commanding of a TA unit at Kinnegar, Holywood, County Down, during the 1960s.

I think he commanded the REME 157 Field Company.

He was presented with a candelabra by the Officers' Mess of 245 (Ulster) Light Air Defence Regiment RA (TA), dated 1966.

The booklet provides us with a lot of information about the Territorial Army in Northern Ireland, its structure and personnel in 1958.
I am going to start a new series about the 107 (Ulster) Independent Infantry Brigade Group, raised in 1947 by Brigadier Nelson Russell CB DSO MC.

My first article will be a Historical Note, followed by the North Irish Horse, raised in 1902.

First published in May, 2010.


Gavin Bamford said...

My late father, Major G W Rea Bamford commanded 931 (Ulster) Company RASC (V) up until he retired in 1960 and died in 1961. During his time there, he started the first TA band in NI.

Timothy Belmont said...

Yes, the massed pipes and drums of the TA NI get a mention in my booklet.

I'll take a photo of the page and publish it, Gavin.