Saturday, 17 July 2021

1953 Victory Re-Union

I don't suppose any readers attended the 1953 Coronation Victory Anniversary Re-Union at the Ulster Hall, Belfast, on Friday, May 8th, 1953?

And before you ask, young Timothy William didn't appear on "the scene" until 1959!

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I have unearthed an old programme of the occasion.

Sonya Lady Enniskillen was President of the Re-Union committee; while the main guest stars were Cheerful Charlie Chester and the Five Smith Brothers...

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The list of subscriptions makes for particularly fascinating perusal: Lady Enniskillen donated a fiver, bearing in mind that £5 was equivalent to about £100 in today's money.

A certain Brian Faulkner donated ten shillings (£10 today).

Recognize any other names?

I wonder if the Ulster Hall or Belfast City Council would be interested in the old programme?

First published in September, 2010.


Sandy said...

Recognise quite a few! Odd to publish the amounts given, this would not be the form nowadays.

Timothy Belmont said...

Doing that must have put some "moral" pressure on the great, good and worthies, mustn't it?

I think it still happens in some churches, where contributions are published in the church magazine, lest it's anon!

Sandy said...

"Don Ross's Gay Revue" is an act of it's time I think.

James McClements said...

How nice to see that "The Queen" was the final item on the programme, haven't heard it played at Public concerts in years here in Northern Ireland, even Proms in the Parks leaves it out, so unfortuante. Our Church and BB Company alwayes end formal occsions with the National Anthem.